Breeding Golden Retrievers
Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Retriever Puppies

Unlike the British or Canadian type the American Golden Retriever tends to be more quiet and larger in size. It usually stands at 22-24 inches in height. Males can weigh from 60-80 lbs and females from 55-70 lbs. The breed comes in a variety of shades from cream to bright gold and their nose is usually light to dark brown.

The Retriever’s coat is dense and waterproof and may be moderately wavy. It should not be too long or too dark. Usually pure white, black or red coats as well as pink noses are not accepted by judges in competition rings. A pure Golden is well proportionate with a robust frame. Its extremities are strong and muscular. Its temper is well balanced and is eager to please. Because of its hunting ancestors, it likes to run in open fields and play in water. It is intelligent; confident and kind; and very easy to train.

Golden Retriever Facts

  • Average Height

    22 - 24 inches
  • Average Weight

    55 to 75 lbs.
  • Coat

    Shades of bright gold
    and cream
  • Life Expectancy

    12-14 years
  • Temperament

    Kind, very affectionate, receptive to training
  • Kid Friendly

  • Dog Friendly

  • Skills

    Search and rescue dog, game huntng in water and land, retrieving excellence in fly ball and field trials, obedience and agility
  • Living Conditions

    Fenced yard, plenty of open space to play
  • Feeding

    1lb of dry food daily
  • Grooming

    tooth brushing daily, coat brushing daily, regular visits to the vet
  • American Kennel Club Group

    Sporting Group

Golden Retriever with Child


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