Animal Naturals Joint Strong Joint Dog Supplement

Animal Naturals Joint Strong Joint Dog Supplement (9.6 oz.)

9.6 oz.

Animal Naturals Joint Strong™ is the first dog joint support formula designed to "Put Out the Fire" of dog joint inflammation. Dog joint pain and inflammation fighting Joint Strong™ helps produce results even for dogs that are "non responders" to ordinary formulas. Joint Strong Puts out the fire of inflammation with ORAC antioxidants, as found in wolf diets. Reducing inflammation enables Joint Strong™ glucosamine, chondroitin, Omega 3's and more to work even better. Putting out the fire is the first step... Joint Strong™ helps establish an anti-inflammatory foundation, and provides the functional nutrients essential for building toward real joint progress. First it reduces dog joint inflammation and discomfort, eases muscle soreness, increases movement, mobility and quality of life. Next it guards cartilage from chemical attack. Green Tea extract, acetyl-cysteine and curcumin inhibit cartilage destroying enzymes. Finally it supports repair and growth. Glucosamine, Chondroitin, CMO help "turn on" anabolic processes to support cartilage repair and growth. Joint Strong™ is concentrated, so only small amounts are used. Whatever the activity or joint status, Joint Strong™ fights inflammation so glucosamine and other joint builders work better. Sugar free, human grade, zero trans fats. Includes clear plastic scooper for easy use.